09 August 2007


I thought I'd join the teeming crowds and begin a blog. Will it ever get read? Will I become nown as a world famous blogger? Who knows! Who cares!

First, a little bit about me. Saying I'm a dumpy middle aged housewife with two kids is technically accurate, but useless. Maybe it will help if I list the traits that make me a polymath*:

- Bachelor's degree in Anthropology, MBA in Financial Management
- Jobs held: Audio-visual geek (college), bank management trainee, science fiction author (never sold), marketing communications intern, bank accountant, corporate financial analyst, spreadsheet wizard, Macintosh in-house help guru, computer training consultant.
- Non or minimally paying work: knitting pattern designer, Girl Scout assistant leader and camp leader, Destination Imagination team manager, graphic artist, speaker at gifted education conferences, registration chair at our local SF con (with my husband).
- Current time-sink: operating Cartesian Bear Industries, a print on demand shirt shop
- Hobbies, skills, etc.: knitting, sewing, cooking, household maintenance, jujitsu, and READING

I intend to talk about any/all these things, and more. Just like in my household, the one thing you won't get here is bored.

* Polymath: noun a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning. ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from Greek polumath─ôs ‘having learned much,’ from polu- ‘much’ + the stem of manthanein ‘learn.’

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