16 August 2007

Lost in AdventureQuest

I've spent the last two days lost in Lore ...

AdventureQuest is an online role-play game my kids introduced me to last spring. If you are/were a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, you will probably like AQ — the resemblance is great. It has several features that make it worth playing:

- it is a single player game. There is no communication with other players in the game, so even my 6 year old can play safely.

- like many games, there is both a free and a paid version. However, the free version has lots of playability, with new things coming along every week.

- the creators are an imaginative bunch with a good sense of humor.

- the game is complex enough to stay interesting, but not so complex that you have to live in it constantly. I'll get lost for a day or two, then come up for air.

Anyway, my character just reached Level 60, and she's ready for a whole new set of challenges. So I've been sending her out to find new weapons and spells, which take gold, which she has to battle monsters to gain ... stop me before I play again!

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  1. Thanks for this info! My girls (9 & 7) have been absorbed all weekend, pausing only for meals and trampoline time. (I know, I'm a bad mother for not limiting screen time ...)