18 August 2007

On Advertising and (shameless?) Self-Promotion

As is obvious to anyone reading this blog, I design and sell t-shirts through a POD (print on demand) t-shirt printer. I'm having great fun doing this, though sales are low and I'm no Picasso.

Since my mind is full of ideas, coming up with ideas is no problem. I am finding out though, that I am uncomfortable with advertising and marketing.

I am a shy introvert by nature, so advertising feels about as comfortable to me as standing on a street corner begging people for money.

So, I'm asking readers of my blog to comment on the following: what would be good ways to get people to buy my shirts, or at least take a good look at them?

1 comment:

  1. I'm no wiser or braver than you - just wanted you to know I'm pondering the question for you.

    I think it partly depends whether you want to spend any money on advertising or not. Cheap or free ways to get people to look I think you're probably already doing (e.g. putting a tag line and link at the end of every email you send.)

    On a local level, it's often quite cheap to buy an ad in a school magazine or somesuch - are there any "geek-friendly" courses/classes that have paper you could sponsor?

    Other than that, I know my husband's website is part of a "web ring" (history/gaming stuff) - so links to his site show on other sites in the ring. I don't know if anything like that exists in the world of t-shirts ...